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The most common approach to buying a home is to go to your bank, get pre-qualified financing, ask for a 90% letter, and then call H&H Construction to schedule a meeting to discuss where you would like your home built. If you do not have a lot, we will assist you in finding one. You will decide on the style of house, and we have many available plans. We can also have plans drawn or purchased.

Once you have selected the property, decided on house design and size, and agreed on the price, we will provide an agreement between you as the buyer, and H & H Construction Co. Inc. as the builder. Ernest money varies from $1,000 to $5,000. We will also provide the necessary building permits.

H&H Construction will supply all the necessary paper work, including the appraisal, and acquire interim financing. Our standard policy is to have your home inspected by licensed inspectors at the appropriate stages.

The second most common approach to having a home built, or adding an addition or remodel to your existing home is ‘owner/builder’. You will get your interim and long-term financing and we make a contract between owner and contractor for the work you want done. Ernest money will vary with the size of the project and usually $1,000 to $10,000.

Sample of Earnest Money Agreement & Addendum to Earnest Money Agreement

Typical Construction Time-Line:
Within 30 days of signing an agreement, construction will begin. We will furnish you with a list of suppliers, appropriate phone numbers and contact names.

  1. Well - The first thing!
  2. Excavation, septic, water line: 1-2 weeks
  3. Footings & foundation: 1week

The following depend on the House:

Framing 1- 4 weeks
Roofing 1- 5 days
Plumbing 3- 5 days
Heating 3- 5 days
Electrical 3- 5 days
Interior Finish 2-4 weeks
Exterior Finish 1-2 week2

From start to finish is a maximum of six months. Change orders may alter the length of the contract or any conditions beyond the control of H & H Construction will also affect the time schedule.

There will be many decisions necessary, and many can be done ahead of time. Keep good notes on decisions for reference. Don’t forget to update the list frequently, as changes do occur.

The following are things that require meeting the sub-contractor and suppliers.
Lighting & Electrical Outlets
Outside fixtures – Lights, outlets, faucets, decking
Paint - both inside and out

It is a good idea on some of these to have first, second, and third choices ready.

Helpful hints during construction:

* Keep records of all purchases as well as anything related to the building process.
* Make sure to have a list of phone numbers for EVERYONE involved in the building process.
* A daily log of activity is an excellent idea, but difficult to maintain.
* Take pictures of everything, try to remember to take some pictures from the same spot to make sure you have a good before, during and after view.
* Check on progress throughout.
* Feel free to ask questions, when possible, write them down and talk about them at a convenient time.
* Cookies or other desirable treats for the workers are an excellent incentive!
* Have patience in all things—When you are living in you new, quality home you will experience the pleasure it brings to your life on a daily basis

Post construction:
We will make sure you understand how all of the systems operate and know who to call for further instruction or trouble-shooting. Keep all of the instructions and records where they can be readily accessed.




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